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Vampire Lift / PRP Treatment

A minimal invasive procedure option to restore skin fullness and treat small wrinkles in the face is a PRP treatment (Platelet Rich Plasma), which can also be combined with vitalising vitamins and hyaluronic acid optimised for needs.

The cocktail, consisting of your body’s own growing factors and vitamins adjusted to your needs is injected into the skin of your face and/or décolleté with a mesotherapy. The body’s own collagen production is activated and in the skin lost hyaluronic acid deposits are restored. The normal loss of collagen in aging skin is counteracted with this procedure and the result is a fresher, more juvenile appearance.

How does the treatment proceed?

The ambulant treatment starts with applying a local anaesthetic cream and leaving it to work for 45-60 minutes. Meanwhile a blood sample is drawn just like for a lab test. This blood is purified, prepared and mixed with the necessary vitamins and hyaluronic acid you need. Finally, the cocktail is injected with tiny little needles into the numb facial skin – thanks to the anaesthetic cream this is completely painless! Immediately after treatment the skin will be reddish, but by the next day there will be hardly anything to see. Whatever remains can easily be covered with make-up.

The treatment plan consists in a boost therapy of three sessions, each about three to four weeks apart and then freshening up treatments every four to six months.

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