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Lifting of the Labia Majora


Some women have wrinkled and sagging labia majora, or at the other extreme they are just too small to cover the labia minora and the clitoris hood when the legs are closed.

In these cases, there are various treatment options, either surgical or conservative.

For the vast majority of women, filling the sagging labia majora is sufficient corrective treatment and this can be done by using the body’s own fat cells or with hyaluronic acid. The best results can be achieved with fat grafting, taking fat cells from whatever area of the body (even in the slimmest of women the necessary fat cells can be obtained) and transferring these to the labia majora. The fat cells will grow in as well as giving a permanent filling and volume. If no surgery is wanted, a filler made from hyaluronic acid can be used, similar to the procedures performed in the face for wrinkles and lips. Since this product is similar to the body’s own but not identical, it will be reabsorbed within time and the filling needs to be repeated, therefore, about every one to two years.

In cases where a filling of the labia majora would not be enough, because of severe sagging, a surgical lift is the best option. Excessive skin is reduced and the labia majora are lifted. Recovery is normally trouble-free, but nevertheless a small but hardly visible scar remains in the rear part of the labia.

Duration of the surgery:

approximately 45-60 minutes


general anaesthetic, outpatient procedure


about 1 week, depending on the job situation, women should normally be fit enough to work the next day

Abstinence from physical workout and sports for six weeks, as well as sexual intercourse and the use of tampons; otherwise normal daily routine and walking are allowed so long as no discomfort or pain results.

Normally fit for flying after 1 week

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