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Just as with other parts of the body, the genital area and labia are changing throughout a woman’s lifetime, sometimes more so after pregnancy and giving birth. Sometimes, the labia just happen to grow ‘ejectively’ during puberty. Big outer lips (labia majora) and long, sagging inner lips (labia minora) are very common without there necessarily being any pathological problems! But they can give discomfort or even be painful during certain sports (for instance jogging, cycling or horseback riding), sexual intercourse and sometimes even when just sitting.

The labia minora can easily be reduced using a relatively small procedure. Depending on the individual situation – the size and presence of asymmetries – there are various techniques to choose from in reducing the labia minora to prevent them from ‘falling out’ of the labia majora.

Outpatient surgery and recovery are astonishingly pain free. In most cases, there is just a little itching or soreness in the scar. Most of the scars will reabsorb within two to four weeks; if not they can be taken out in a follow-up visit. Sitting in baths of salty water or chamomile can support recovery. Since the area heals incredibly well, even for the experienced the scars are invisible. Depending on pre-existing conditions, the labia minora’s borders may be a little brighter and pinker than before; nowadays with such a high demand for vaginal and anal bleaching this is widely accepted by patients.


Clitoris hood lifting

In some women skin surrounding the clitoris can be excessive and sagging, even to the point of covering the clitoris too much, thus reducing sensitivity. This excessive skin can be reduced with the goal of presenting a younger and more juvenile appearance. Some women are worried about a possible loss of sensitivity following the procedure and thus less sexual stimulation, but results reveal the opposite to be true! Excessive skin can cover the clitoris and reduce the ability to be stimulated. In such cases stimulation is easier after the surgery and recovery.

In the main clitoris hood lifting is combined with a labioplasty. Recovery takes the same amount of time.

Duration of the surgery:

approximately 45-60 minutes


general anaesthetic or local anaesthetic with sedation, outpatient procedure


about 1 week; depending on job situations, women should normally be able to work the next day

Physical workouts and sports should be avoided for six weeks, as should sexual intercourse and the use of tampons. But normal daily routine and walking is allowed so long as it is pain free and without discomfort.

Normally fit for flying after 1 week

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