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Sometimes it would be great if we were able to turn back time! How can we fight wrinkles, sagging skin and the general signs of facial aging?

There are certainly negative public perceptions of face-lifting resulting from well-known examples of badly lifted or over-lifted celebrities. But contrary to this perception, well performed facelifts undertaken by a specialist such as Dr. Alexander T. Hamers will result in a natural appearance and a visible rejuvenation of the face – considered by those around you to be your natural relaxed state. A perfect facelift corrects the different factors contributing to facial aging: sagginess of tissue, loss of volume and lax skin.

In facelift surgery excess and sagging skin is removed, following which both the face and the neck are lifted. A very small scar is normally placed around the ear which after recovery is more or less invisible. In most surgeries, the face’s harmony is restored by filling up the facial fat deposits through fat grafting. Fat cells from deposits in the patient’s body (such as the belly, flanks or thighs) are transferred to areas of the face where fat has been lost throughout the years. Smaller wrinkles, for example the ‘barcode’ area around the mouth can be reduced using a radiofrequency – Fractora® treatment during surgery.

Duration of the surgery:

approximately 1-2 hours


general anaesthetic, inpatient for 1 night


swelling and bruises for about two weeks, no sports, lifting and heavy workout for 4 weeks

Normally fit for flying after 2 weeks

Minimally invasive, tiny incisions of about 3-5 millimeters are needed for fat to be washed out of the body. Various techniques exist. The most advantageous and gentle is water-jet assisted liposuction, using just a small cannula with a pulsation water-jet on the tip. The water-jet’s gentle loosening and washing action makes it possible for large amounts of fat to be atraumatically removed. Compared with conventional liposuction, the sculpting of tissue is more precise and there is less trauma, pain and recovery time. Apart from being, gentle and more precise, the quality of the fat cells is superior to that resulting from other techniques, meaning that a higher survival rate of the transplanted fat cells is achieved.

Having a special clinical interest in natural body contouring, Dr. Hamers can reuse the patient’s own extracted fat to shape, fill or augment various parts of the body where it might be needed (for instance face, breast and buttock, but also calves or scars).


Dr. Alexander Hamers has specialised in Water-jetstream assisted fat transfer technology since 2012.

The transplanted fat needs to grow in. That is why it needs to be treated gently. Smoking, nicotine, pressure and cold all harm the freshly transplanted fat and should be avoided in the period immediately after surgery. Once the fat is grown in, it is part of the body and just part of normal aging.

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