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Vaginal Tightening and Incontinence Treatment


Incontinence and vaginal dilatation is a delicate subject. Most women are unsure whom to consult, if, for instance, after vaginal delivery the vagina is dilated so that they and their partners sense less or nothing during sexual intercourse. Often the problem is combined with urinal incontinence.

But there are various options for providing help.

The first step is always to strengthen the pelvic floor! Kegel exercise is a good start and also Kegel balls that are sold in sex stores which are not basically a sex toys and nothing ‘dirty’, but a good kind of physiotherapy for the pelvic floor. They can be used almost without effort and are not at all time consuming.

If the result is still not as desired, various additional forms of treatment are available, some more invasive, some less.

There are different Laser- and Radiofrequency devices available, all basically providing the same treatment. Stimulation of the body’s own collagen production will also tighten the vaginal tissue and the pelvic floor. If the urinary incontinence is not too severe, this can form the complete treatment. This is an outpatient procedure and is performed under local anaesthetic applied with an intravaginal cream.

Additionally, the vaginal canal’s entrance and the walls of the vagina itself, as well as the G-spot area can be thickened by transferring the body’s own fat tissue. The result is a tighter vagina that can increase sexual stimulation. This outpatient procedure is performed under a short general anaesthetic.

A surgical vaginal tightening restores the sometimes damaged muscles at the back of the vagina (separating the vagina from the rectum). These muscles can be dilated or ruptured during vaginal delivery. In this surgery any pre-existing scar in this area is excised, the muscle tightened and a tighter vagina restored. This procedure is often combined with one or both of those explained above. Mostly it can be performed as an outpatient procedure under general anaesthetic.

Laser as a stand-alone procedure:

local anaesthetic cream, left to work for one hour, 15 minutes of treatment

Duration of the surgery:

approximately 60-90 minutes


general anaesthetic, outpatient procedure, eventually one night inpatient


about one week; depending on their job situation, women should be able to work the next day

Physical workout and sports should be avoided for six weeks, as should sexual intercourse and the use of tampons. Normal daily routine and walking is allowed as long as it does not bring discomfort or pain.

Normally fit for flying after 1 week

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