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Facial Fat Grafting

Fat grafting is a natural and gentle option for restoring the face’s lost volume as well as treating sagging skin and facial wrinkles with a long-lasting result. By performing a small, gentle water-jet assisted liposuction (even in the slimmest patients the necessary fat can be obtained). The fat cells are enriched with PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), the body’s own growing factors. This is obtained simply by drawing a tube of blood such as that for every lab test.

The enriched fat cells are gently injected into the face to treat ‘barcode’ lines around the mouth, lips, cheeks, crowfeet area or eyebrows. The skin structure is additionally strengthened. There are many benefits from this treatment: since only your body’s own tissue is used, there is no foreign body reaction and no rejection. Once the fat has grown in, it is just subject to the normal aging process.

Duration of the surgery:

approximately 30-60 minutes


local anaesthetic with sedation, outpatient procedure


swelling and bruises for 7-10 days

Normally fit for flying after 1 week

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