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Breast Lift / Mastopexy


Most women wish to have well-shaped breasts. Especially after pregnancy, breastfeeding and aging, sagging breasts are a common reality. Breast uplift (mastopexy) surgery involves transforming a saggy and or empty breast into a pleasant, feminine shape and size. There are various ways of lifting and shaping the breasts. Dr. Hamers focuses on uplift techniques which provide the best results with minimal scarring.

A breast lift restores the required breast shape. The surgeon uses a periareolar scar, sometimes combined with a vertical scar (“i” or “Lollypop”). On occasions an additional scar in the under-breast fold (“inverted T”) is needed. In a personal consultation Dr. Alexander Hamers will explain to you the technique of choice in your individual case.

A combination of the breast uplift with breast implants or alternatively natural volume restoration with the patient’s own fat to the cleavage and upper pole is possible and advisable in selected applications.

In these cases, the fat is harvested using a gentle water-jet assisted liposuction. For the fat transfer Dr. Hamers takes fat from unwanted fat deposits such as love handles or belly and transplants it to the breast with an EVL expansion – vibration – lipofilling technique. EVL is an innovative technique expanding the recipient tissue with vibration during fat transfer. The advantage is twofold. First, it results in a higher transplant volume. Second it leads to a higher take rate than traditional lipofilling techniques. This combination leads to a very natural shape. In cases of volume increase being wanted, this surgery is combined with silicone gel implants placed under the pectoral muscle. Where no fat is available, cohesive silicone gel implants may be used to restore empty breasts.

Lightweight breast implants / B-Lite

B-Lite breast-implants represent the latest development in this kind of surgery. The density and weight of the silicone gel has been much reduced due to microspheres, comparable to air bubbles fixed into the silicone gel. The implants are produced by a German factory with long experience in breast implants. Contributing to the outer shell of the implants, Microspheres have been used in medicine for a long time, for instance in urology, orthopaedics and dentistry. B-Lite breast-implants are approximately 30 % lighter than more traditional types. A standard 300cc implant weighs about 300g, as opposed to the same size B-Lite implant which is only about 220g. They bring huge benefits especially for patients with laxity of the breast, cases of implant exchange or those seeking big volume implants. Apart from the weight and microspheres inside the implants, there is no difference from traditional implants so far as durability or surgery procedures are concerned. B-Lite implants are used for breast augmentation, implant exchange or breast lifts (mastopexy).

Duration of the surgery:

approximately 2 hours


general anaesthetic, inpatient for one night


No sports, lifting and heavy workout for 6 weeks, compression bra and garments

Normally fit for flying after 1 week

Minimally invasive, tiny incisions of about 3-5 millimeters are needed for fat to be washed out of the body. Various techniques exist. The most advantageous and gentle is water-jet assisted liposuction, using just a small cannula with a pulsation water-jet on the tip. The water-jet’s gentle loosening and washing action makes it possible for large amounts of fat to be atraumatically removed. Compared with conventional liposuction, the sculpting of tissue is more precise and there is less trauma, pain and recovery time. Apart from being, gentle and more precise, the quality of the fat cells is superior to that resulting from other techniques, meaning that a higher survival rate of the transplanted fat cells is achieved.

Having a special clinical interest in natural body contouring, Dr. Hamers can reuse the patient’s own extracted fat to shape, fill or augment various parts of the body where it might be needed (for instance face, breast and buttock, but also calves or scars).

Dr. Alexander Hamers has specialised in Water-jetstream assisted fat transfer technology since 2012.

The transplanted fat needs to grow in. That is why it needs to be treated gently. Smoking, nicotine, pressure and cold all harm the freshly transplanted fat and should be avoided in the period immediately after surgery. Once the fat is grown in, it is part of the body and just part of normal aging.

Expansion vibration lipofilling (EVL) is the latest innovation in fat transfer. Using a vibrating cannula, the recipient tissue is gently expanded while grafting the fat. This results in both, a higher graft-able volume and a better take rate of the fat (higher percentage of fat cells growing in and remaining). Thus, if desired, more fat cells can be transferred to the same recipient area compared with conventional techniques. Dr. Hamers is the first surgeon to have established the EVL technique in Europe.

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